Indications and bedding in

Assess the status of your brake disc with a quick check up!
The pads and brake discs removed are an important source of information: it is always important to closely inspect the condition of the braking surfaces, the colour and the aspect in order to identify faults with operation of one or several components (calipers, pads, bearings). Any issues must be pointed out before replacing the components.
When does a brake disc require replacement?
  • after seeing that the disc thickness is less than or equal to the MINimum THickness required by the car manufacturer;
  • when detecting any deep circular scoring or radial cracks;
  • when seeing dark spots or blue dots on the disc surface;
  • if a check reveals sensitive deformations of the braking surface.
Maintenance of Brembo brake discs
Bedding in
Upon replacement, the pads and discs, must be road tested.
Bedding in lasts about 300 km, during which it is essential to check for vibrations and noise from the brakes, both when driving and braking

The braking must be effective and brief and gradual brakes must be performed to allow proper alignment of the pad surface in contact with the disc.

Extremely sharp or violent braking can cause overheating of the friction material of the pads and disc, eventually compromising the integrity and the performance of brakes.

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