Disc technical data
Diameter (Diameter)
284 mm
Overall height (A)
43,5 mm
Centring diameter (B)
59 mm
Number of holes (C)
Thickness (TH)
22 mm
Minimum thickness
20,2 mm
Tightening torque
98 Nm
Unit per box
Brand part numbers
Brembo 09.4939.21
AP 24243 V
Breco BV 7975
Technical specifications
PVT vented disc
The PVT disc uses, in its ventilation chamber, pillars instead of vanes. Disc cooling capacity is enhanced by an extra 40% and therefore provides more resistance against thermal cracking.
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Disc with fixing screw
By supplying the fixing screw in the disc box, Brembo provides extra help to the mechanic if the original screw is rusty or worn to such an extent as to prevent or make it difficult to reuse.
UV Disc
The UV coating process provides a superior corrosion resistance and full disc protection.
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Compatible vehicles





OE Part number
Compatible OE codes
ALFA ROMEO 164102202300
ALFA ROMEO 46445006
ALFA ROMEO 60569163
ALFA ROMEO 60571548
ALFA ROMEO 60622077
ALFA ROMEO 60653478
ALFA ROMEO 60658565
ALFA ROMEO 60699518
ALFA ROMEO 60801722
ALFA ROMEO 60813443
ALFA ROMEO 60815938
ALFA ROMEO 71711434
ALFA ROMEO 71711447
ALFA ROMEO 82427592
ALFA ROMEO 82450539
FIAT 46445006
FIAT 60569386
OPEL 569086