Disc technical data
Diameter (Diameter)
296 mm
Overall height (A)
43,9 mm
Centring diameter (B)
68 mm
Number of holes (C)
Thickness (TH)
26 mm
Minimum thickness
23,4 mm
Tightening torque
110 Nm
Unit per box
Brand part numbers
Brembo 09.B353.10
AP 25318
Breco BS 8928
Technical specifications
High Carbon disc (HC)
Thanks to the high percentage of carbon in the chemical composition of the cast iron, the HC disc provides greater damping coefficient, able to reduce vibration and noise while driving.
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Disc with fixing screw
By supplying the fixing screw in the disc box, Brembo provides extra help to the mechanic if the original screw is rusty or worn to such an extent as to prevent or make it difficult to reuse.
Compatible vehicles


OE Part number
Compatible OE codes
RENAULT 402060002R
RENAULT 402064408R
RENAULT 402066813R
RENAULT 402067023R