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For decades, brake calipers for street-legal motorcycles have all been the same, with minimal differences in shape and size. It took Brembo to shake up the status quo, thanks to know-how from racing: ever-smaller calipers, with characteristic features that nevertheless ensure great performance. Brembo UPGRADE calipers cannot be mistaken for those of other brands and not only because of the logo they display in large letters. They are designed to please the eye but also make everyday riding more of a pleasure. Form and substance can go hand in hand. You just have to want it.
The key elements of a brake caliper have always been lightness and rigidity, because this is unsprung weight that affects braking, but also changes of direction and acceleration. A perfect fusion of these values has never been easy, but Brembo has done it and then outdone it.
Stylema Motorbike brake caliper
Stylema calipers
In addition to having a 9% lighter caliper body compared to previous models with the same rigidity, the Stylema ensures incomparable and constant performance over time: the average friction coefficient has increased by 11% thanks to a pad made of new material.
Studying form – clear from the innovative outlet in the central bridge – has brought the brake fluid temperature down to 10%, making sure that the efficiency stays the same over time. In addition to ensuring function, the stylistic features of the Stylema match the lines of supersport bikes.

The alternatives
Enhanced performance and safety are also guaranteed by the other Brembo UPGRADE 4-piston monobloc front calipers, in aluminium. Despite being created for Brembo’s 50th anniversary, the M-50 with 30 mm pistons still heads up the category today in terms of weight and rigidity, like the M-4, weighing a little more because it adopts 34 mm pistons.
GP Motorbike brake caliper
GP calipers
Grand Prix level power and consistent performance
But if you ride a street-legal motorcycle and dream of MotoGP all the same, you can’t afford to miss out on the GP4-MS. Inspired by the caliper developed in the premier class, it rewrites the rules for calipers on the road, almost matching the performance of the calipers used in the world’s most important competitions.

As with the Brembo calipers used in MotoGP, the GP4-MS was designed
using the topological optimizer and obtained from a billet machined aluminium
monobloc. The resistance to high temperatures is higher than with casting, which
means greater performance.

The GP4-MS also shares a nickel surface finish with racing calipers, but uses a double gasket (one inside the piston and a second as a dust boot)
means there is no requirement for the periodic overhauls typical of track calipers. ​
P4-40C Motorbike brake caliper
For a significant upgrade to the standard system, you could also turn to the GP4-RS. This too is a monobloc, produced through a highly complex casting technique and with pistons surrounded by cooling fins. The radial GP4-RB and GP4-RX calipers are instead made up of two parts with a body made entirely of aluminium alloy, and 4 pistons each. At the back, we recommend the GP2-CR and GP2-SS, both with two parts from billet
and 2×34 mm pistons. Both offer a good combination of lightness and rigidity.
Axial calipers: traditional, but not outdated
Those who choose to stick with axial calipers, on the other hand, can cater to their tastes with the P4-40C, a classic distinguished by four differentiated 30 and 34 mm diameter pistons, anodized black finish with red logo and 40 mm offset.
One alternative to the P4-40C is the P4-40R, which also has sintered pads and the same number of pistons and dimensions. The P2-RS84 and P2-CB84 are instead available at the rear, made of cast aluminium, with two 34 mm pistons each and a distance of 84 mm.
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