Maintenance Metrology kit

The kit for gauging rotor oscillation

Three instruments for ensuring proper vehicle braking
The oscillation of the braking surface must be gauged on a new rotor; if the measured value is higher than the limit required by the manufacturer, after a few thousand kilometres, vibrations can occur during braking, that can compromise the proper functioning of the brake system.
The precision ensured by the metrology kit makes it possible to get the vehicle on the road in absolute safety.
Metrology kit comprising a Centesimal Micrometer, Centesimal Comparator with clock and Magnetic Base
Centesimal micrometer
measures the exact thickness of the braking surface; the value must never be lower than that indicated on the brake rotor (MIN TH).
Centesimal comparator
checks the oscillation of the brake rotor
Magnetic base
correctly positions the comparator onto the vehicle.
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