Brembo Max Brake Discs

The perfect response

Response at unparalleled speed and safety for every condition
Brembo Max are slotted and painted discs that provide superior braking performance in all conditions, especially on slick surfaces, optimising road performance and ensuring continuous renewal of the friction material.
Rapid and efficient braking
In comparison to standard brake discs, the shape of Brembo Max and the higher friction coefficient ensure better performance in the initial stages of braking. The more responsive brake pedal and the immediate application of the brakes ensure fast and efficient braking.
Key to graph of braking time performance: from 40 to 5km/h with 30 bar
Graph of braking time performance
High fading resistance
Specific conditions of use that cause the temperature of the disc to increase over 800°C - such as the descent from a mountain pass - cause the combustion of the phenolic resins that make up the friction material. This leads to a dangerous loss of braking efficiency (fading) due to the gas given off that is interposed between the pad and the disc braking surface. The special shape of the Brembo Max grooves allows rapid expulsion of such gases, quickly restoring the optimum braking conditions.

Brembo Max features exclusive grooves that ensure constant renewal of the friction material (Micro-shave effect), preventing pad surface glazing.
Graph of friction coefficient
Brembo Max grooved and painted brake disc
Maximum control over wear
One of the Brembo Max grooves is designed to allow direct and immediate control of the brake disc wear conditions. Total fading of the groove means that the minimum recommended thickness has been reached; the driver therefore knows that the worn disc must be replaced.

Functionality of the brake system is guaranteed by the presence of residual grooves. Perfect balancing of the disc is maintained by creating a similar groove on the internal braking surface of the disc, in a position on the opposite side of the diameter.
Bench and road testing, under extreme driving conditions.
The design supports performance on slick surfaces.
The unique design, made with geometric grooves projected outwardly, allows the Brembo Max to ensure a more effective dispersion of water that may be on the surface of the disc, offering the driver the best performance on slick surfaces and, in general, substantial consistent behaviour under varying atmospheric conditions.
Key to comparative graph: from 83 to 35km/h with 10 bar
Comparative graph of braking times on wet and dry surfaces of Brembo Max and Standard brake discs
Designed also for alloy wheels
Brembo also keeps in mind drivers that mount alloy wheels on their vehicle: with Brembo Max the non-braking parts are UV coated, so as to eliminate all imperfections linked to brake disc corrosion.
Brembo Max brake disc and packaging
Made for each other
The Xtra pads are a perfect partner for the Max and Xtra discs.
They enhance their excellent performances and ensure a complete control over the braking action, providing the full pleasure of sports driving.

The special BRM X L01 compound has over 30 different components and stand out for a high friction coefficient. This means that the braking will be more prompt and stable, both at high temperatures as well as at low ones. All this while a greater driving comfort and an improved brake pedal precision are ensured without impairing the product's mileage.
Xtra Brake Pads
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