Hydraulic components for brakes and clutches

An extensive and complete range

The quality of original parts optimizes performance, reliability and durability.
Experience and collaboration with the leading car makers allow Brembo to offer a complete range of hydraulic components, guaranteed by the total reliability of the brand.
Original quality
Materials, shape and performance are the same as the original component.
Reliability and durability
Brembo hydraulic components guarantee steady behaviour in time.
Certified performance
Technical content, functionality and resistance are ascertained by means of stringent tests in the lab and on the road.
Complete range
The range includes all the part numbers necessary for complete coverage of the European car parc.
Brake master cylinder, clutch cylinder, brake pipes and brake and friction hydraulic components
Brake master cylinder, brake wheel cylinder and brake proportioning valve
Brembo's braking range of brake hydraulic components includes a clutch master cylinder, brake wheel cylinder and brake control valve for more than XXX part numbers that provide a 90% coverage of the European car parc.
Brake master cylinder and clutch cylinder
Brembo offers about 200 clutch master cylinder part numbers and 200 clutch slave cylinder part numbers in its clutch range of products for optimal coverage of the European car parc. All the components are subjected to stringent tests targeting functionality, durability, hydraulic and air seal.
Brake and clutch pipes
Brembo hoses have DOT marking, which certifies their compliance with all safety directives. The Brembo range has more than 1000 part numbers of flexible hoses for both the braking and clutch systems.
Brembo flexible hoses meet the highest standards of quality to ensure resistance, durability and reliability.
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