Wear Sensors

Brembo Brake electric wear sensors

The additional safety feature used to warn when brake pads are nearing the end of their useful life
Brembo brake pad wear sensors are designed to inform the driver when to replace the vehicles brake pads.
These indicators estimate the remaining life of the brake pads life and when a replacement is needed.
Wear Sensors
The electronic wear sensor monitors the brake pad thickness on the vehicle and sends a signal/warning light that the brake pads are at minimal thickness and need replacing.
Made to OE specifications, the Brembo brake pad wear sensors will perform exactly like the original components.
Brembo wear indicators are a perfect match to Brembo Ceramic and Low Met brake pads. Brembo strongly recommends replacing the wear sensors with every brake pad replacement.
Replace with brake pads
Replace electronic brake pad sensors with every Brembo brake pad replacement (where applicable) for optimal performance 
Quality materials
High-quality wiring and connectors resist high heat and harsh weather conditions
Direct oe replacement
Manufactured to OE dimensions and specifications for exact fitment and operation
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