total quality

OE Quality products
Conform to the European standards on safety, certified in compliance with all of the most severe international standards.
Brembo monitors all stages of the production process. design, development, tests, forging, machining, assembly, distribution and assistance.
The manufacture of original components is made in productive sites approved by the manufacturers; here, Brembo also manufactures Aftermarket products, which enjoy the same high technological value destined to the original components.
The Brembo discs are TÜV proof
Brembo has obtained ABE homologation released by the German Federal Authority for Road Transport upon issue of Monaco TÜV certification for the full range of brake discs for cars and industrial vehicles, particularly for the range of high-performance slotted discs Brembo Max.
This is possible given that Brembo directly develops and produces the entire range of its brake discs in its plants, offering the broadest range of products on the market with superior quality standards that stem from rigorous controls along the entire production process.
Pad reliability and safety
The range of Brembo pads offers more than 1,400 articles bearing ECE R 90 homologation. ECE R 90 certification is a part of EC directive 98/12/EC, which is applicable to and has been implemented by all EU markets. The different codes (E1, E2, E4…) on the brake pads identify the country which issued the certification. This certification is valid in all European countries.​
Obtaining homologation
Certified as OEM quality spare parts under the EC Regulation 461/2010.
REACH regulates the use of chemicals in the processing of discs, mostly painted.
Certification for export to the Eurasian Customs Union countries: Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.