Remanufactured calipers the eco-friendly choice

Respecting the environment with OE Quality products

Caliper body recycling is an eco-friendly choice
Designed to provide the same performances of new brake calipers, the Brembo remanufactured calipers identify an alternative solution to the replacement of faulty calipers with new ones.
The remanufacturing process comprises:
  • testing and cleaning of the caliper;
  • full replacement of parts subject to wear with new components;
  • surface coating with a particular corrosion-proof layer.
After undergoing an inspection, the calipers are marked with an incision to indicate the regeneration, so that they are not subjected to future remanufacturing. They are supplied ready for assembly.

The range consists of more than 4,000 codes compatible with over 2,000 models of 55 car manufacturers, with coverage equal to 95% of the car park.
Brembo remanufactured calipers and packaging
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