Brake rotors with integrated bearings

The kit for brake rotors with integrated wheel hub

The solution to eliminate the difficulty when replacing rotors with integrated wheel hub equipped with bearing.
Some application are equipped, on the rear axle, with brake rotors with integrated wheel hub, fitted with a wheel bearing and two rollers crown wheels (aka bi-conical).
Packaging of discs with built-in bearing
The configuration makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to replace the rotor without damaging the bearing. Only by meeting the stringent fitting tolerances set during the design of the product, it is possible to guarantee the proper and correct operation of the components.
The bearing should also be replaced when replacing the rotor. Brembo offers the perfect solution: the preassembled Kit, in fact, provides bearings already mounted into the rotors.
Exploded diagram of the disc with built-in bearing
ABS operation support
Brembo also provides the phonic wheel or magnetic encoder integrated into the disc-bearing for models that mount these components. They allows the operation of the ABS system of the vehicle, detecting wheel speed of the car.
The phonic wheel has metal teeth that diffuse a digital signal corresponding to the wheel rotational speed. By means of a sensor fitted in its proximity, the magnetic encoder generates the signal through an accurate succession of north and south poles. The signal is transposed by the control units of the vehicle and used for operation of the ABS and other functions that control the stability of the vehicle.
The advantages of the solution with magnetic encoder, with respect to the phonic wheel, are mainly the possibility of detecting smaller displacements of the wheel, the best signal quality, the reduction of size and weight and the simplified assembly. A key element of the potential behind this technology lies mainly in the possible future connection to other important functions of the car.
The advantages of the preassembled kit
Installation is quick and simple, does not require any specific tools and prevents the risk of damaging the bearing while removing it from the old rotor. Using the preassembled kit has the following advantages:
Easy tooling icon
Simple tools
There is no need: the bearing is already mounted inside the brake rotor.
Save time icon
Savings in time
The bearing is already mounted in the rotor by Brembo.
Trouble-free removal icon
Removal without problems
No worries for removing the bearing from the old rotor.
Safe assembly icon
Safe assembly
Ensured by in-line checks performed by Brembo.
Each brake rotor, after the bearing and encoder are assembled, is checked 100%.
Detail of the bearing
Brake Rotor wear and criticalities
Periodical inspection of the bearings and their replacement is an essential operation for proper maintenance of the vehicle: a wheel bearing with defects creates greater friction, which is the cause of noise associated with a serious problem. A defective bearing also creates issues for correct operation of the hub, shock absorber and all related parts, causing premature wear.
It is good practice to check the condition of the wheel bearing when the brakes are replaced and when dealing with noise and early onset of wear.

Deterioration of the wheel bearing can be caused by high mileage, accidental impact or incorrect assembly.
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