Brembo Beyond EV Kit

The solution for electric vehicles

Corrosion resistance, more silent operation and greater durability distinguish the new range of discs and brake pads for the Aftermarket dedicated to all-electric cars

Brembo presents its new solution for braking professionals, dedicated to electric vehicles: the exclusive Beyond EV Kit, a new family of discs with a special protective coating and innovative brake pads which supplement Brembo’s product range dedicated to drivers for whom vehicle care is essential. The latest solutions by Brembo are directly derived from the brand’s know-how and experience in OE and have been designed specifically to combine a smaller environmental impact with maximum performance and safety, thanks to innovative materials and latest-generation technologies used during the development process.
Dedicated to electric vehicles
Electric vehicles stand out for their regenerative braking ability, which makes use of the electric motor as a brake. Consequently, many of the braking actions carried out while driving are actually performed by the electric motor itself, which translates to the reduced usage of the traditional hydraulic braking system. 

Over time, this could lead to dangerous corrosion of the friction components of the braking system, compromising not just durability but also performance and safe use. 

For this reason, and owing to the specific characteristics of battery electric vehicles (BEV), the brakes of electric vehicles need to meet a series of crucial requirements: corrosion resistance, silent operation, lightweight design and reduced residual torque.  
Illustration of the braking system on an electric vehicle
Extraordinary design, 
long-lasting performance
Brembo is the first braking system manufacturer who, in addition to producing a specific brake pad dedicated to electric cars, offers a complete solution that also includes the disc with new anti-corrosion treatment on the braking surface, which stands the test of time, despite being subjected to the normal wear of the brake pads from the Brembo EV kit. The new components are more silent and resistant to oxidation, offering greater durability, with obvious benefits in terms of sustainability. The protective treatment on the disc and galvanised brake pad helps prevent corrosion of the entire kit and adds a brilliant shine for a more attractively styled braking system, whereas the copper-free friction material reduces the production of dust and improves braking comfort. 

The end result is a braking system that guarantees efficient performance and protection from rust beyond 100,000 km even in the toughest conditions of use.
The new kit Brembo Beyond EV
Brembo’s new solution for electric vehicles will cover the most popular electric vehicles (BEV e PHEV) on the global market, including: the Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model 3 / S / X / Y, Nissan E-NV200, VW E-Golf, Audi Q2 E-tron, Hyundai Ioniq, BMW i3, Kia Soul Ev, Renault Zoe / Kangoo Z.E, NIO ES6 / ES8, Xpeng P7, Ford Mustang Mach-E and Polestar 1 / 2
Brembo Beyond EV Kit brake pad and disc kit
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