Take part in a Training session and become a Brembo Expert

High-level training on braking systems

Brembo Expert
The training sessions are organised in collaboration with Brembo official distributors
By adapting to the needs of every professional, each training can be customised. The braking system and its components are presented and explained with highly effective interactive supports; the topics range from design to production and from assembly to maintenance, with numerous secrets and solutions for specific technical issues.
All participants receive access to the Brake System Academy, which contains both the topics addressed during the course as well as special extras, a gadget and the certificate of attendance.
A Brembo Expert trainer
Brake System Academy
The Brake System Academy contains movies, 3D animations and graphics that illustrate the production, operating and installation of all components. It is a complete and versatile tool that lends itself either for personal use, to classroom training, to free navigation, or use guided and explained, including explanations written and spoken in the main world languages, and animated content.
The topic covers the different braking systems and their components, operating, development, design, production, testing and stresses, maintenance, critical insights and various extras.
The use of the Brembo Expert logo is permitted only after prior authorization from Brembo Communication Department which, in any case, reserves the right to request removal at any time.
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