Two-piece brake rotors

The specific range for premium cars

Components made with a customised technical approach and special solutions.

The range of two-part brake rotors comprises floating rotors, composite rotors, Co-cast rotors, Lightweight rotors and Dual cast rotors.

Thanks to these technological solutions, Brembo guarantees superior performance levels even in extreme conditions, hard-wearing rotor resistance, optimum comfort when driving and reduced weight of the braking system. The range covers the premium models of some of the biggest car makes.

The importance of weight

The aluminium or steel hub, instead of a cast iron one, allows the weight of the brake rotor to be reduced by about 15% - 30%.
Compared with the vehicle weight this reduction could seem marginal. However, it has a very important impact on fuel consumption, performance and car behaviour, since the rotor is part of the vehicle's unsprung weight.
In recent years, reducing vehicle weight and unsprung weight has been one of the major objectives of car manufacturers to tackle the need for greater reductions in fuel consumption and emission levels.
Floating disc

Floating rotors  

The range of floating rotors consists of  26 part numbers directly derived from Brembo’s OE production. The range covers the most exclusive, top-performing applications, requiring a braking system affording superior performance levels that can only be guaranteed by Brembo’s experience in sports competitions.

Floating rotors feature an aluminium hub which ensures a considerable reduction in the unsprung weight, with a positive effect on comfort, road handling and consumption/emission levels. The system performance also benefits from the fact that the rotor hub is joined to the special cast iron braking surface with fixing bushes. Consequently, the two components subject to thermal stress can expand in an elastic manner, preventing the rotor from deforming and any cracks from forming due to overheating.
Composite disc
The BMW range of composite rotors, which is fully interchangeable with an Original Equipment brake rotor, features an aluminium hub that is connected to the special cast iron braking surface by steel pins.
This technological solution is used on the latest top-performing BMW vehicle range and currently comprises more than 50 different part numbers.
Co-cast disc
Used on the latest premium Mercedes vehicles – for which Brembo is already the Original Equipment Manufacturer - the co-cast brake rotor consists of a steel hub which is co cast with the high carbon cast iron braking surface.

This technology not only ensures superior performance for the braking system, but it also allows the weight of the rotor itself to be reduced by up to 15%, resulting in reduced consumption and emission levels and improved road handling.

The Brembo Co-cast brake rotor is not only fully interchangeable with an Original Equipment brake rotor, but it has also passed the strictest bench tests and is approved to ECE-R90 standards.
Dual Cast disc
The dual cast brake rotor is another exclusive solution by Brembo for the spare parts market, available for the sports models in the Audi, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Maserati and Mercedes AMG ranges. 
One vital characteristic of this type of rotor is the cast iron braking surface and the aluminium hub, which combine the advantages of cast iron behaviour at high temperatures with the light weight of aluminium. 

The brake rotor generates a weight reduction of up to 30% (compared to an integral rotor of the same size), and a significant drop in both fuel consumption and emission levels. Brembo’s solution also entails a reduction in permanent thermal deformation (up to 70%), improved performance, reduced residual torque and vibrations.