31 October 2023

New Brembo Aftermarket pads

The right solution for every driver's need!

Brembo is attending AAPEX Las Vegas to present its brand new Aftermarket pad strategy and extended range. Along with Prime and visually renewed Prime Ceramic, four new pad lines have been added to Brembo range and are ready to be discovered at Brembo booth A1255, level 2.

Brembo is always focused on quality and continuous research to provide solutions for each type of driver, with the aim of offering the best driving experience, making vehicles safer for generations to come and, furthermore, developing each new product and technology to be greener than the previous one.

This vision lead to the development of new Xtra and Beyond pad lines, that share a greener identity thanks to the innovative and specific compounds that guarantee less impact on the environment. Brembo will also unveil a new visual identity across its pads line to help distinguish each family with different back plates and shim colors: the color of the shim indicates which line the product belongs to (Prime, Xtra or Beyond), while the back plate color recalls the feature of the specific friction material.
Brembo Prime is the already existing Premium pad line: the OE equivalent product for drivers looking for the best fit for their car, light commercial vehicle or truck. The line is easily recognizable thanks to the black shim, while the backplate color identifies the type of compound (black for low-met and grey for ceramic). It represents the ideal combination with Brembo UV coated discs.

While comfort and quality are always guaranteed, Prime pad is the perfect product for drivers who appreciates performance, while Prime Ceramic pad, with a brand new visual and less metal in its compound, gives a nod to drivers who appreciates cleaner rims. 
Ideal with Prime discs
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Quality
Prime Ceramic
Ideal with Prime discs
  • Clean rims
  • Comfort
  • Quality
BRAND NEW Brembo Xtra is the Cool pad line meant for car lovers who want top performance, without sacrificing the comfort and safety.
What distinguish this line is the red shim, which recalls the passion for sport, while the backplate color identifies the type of compound, as in the Prime line.
They have been developed to enhance the advantages offered by Brembo Max and Xtra discs.

With Xtra and Xtra Ceramic pads Brembo succeeded in the challenge of finding two copper free compounds, achieving and increasing the high performance standard proper of Brembo Xtra line.

Xtra brake pads guarantee top performance, fading resistance and sport feeling, even without copper in the compound. 

Brembo Xtra Ceramic have a specific copper free compound that contain less metal compared to Xtra pads. This feature makes this pad more focused on comfort and cleaner rims, while guaranteeing the top performance proper of the Xtra line. 

Ideal with Xtra and Max discs
  • Top Performance
  • Sport Feeling
  • Fading Resistance
Xtra Ceramic
For top end cars
  • Top Performance
  • Clean rims
  • Comfort
BRAND NEW Brembo Beyond is the Solution pad line for new mobility, such as electric vehicles and high mileage vehicles.
The peculiar feature of this line is the silver shim and the pastel colour of the backplate, which recall the light impact on the environment of these two lines: blue for the EV and green for the Greenance.

Beyond EV pad has been developed exclusively for Beyond EV disc: they must be used in combination to contrast the corrosion and rust.
Beyond Greenance pad guarantees less dust emissions (PM10 and PM2.5) if used in combination with long lasting Beyond Greenance disc.
Beyond EV
In combination with EV discs for BEV and PHEV
  • Anti Corrosion
  • Quietness
  • Comfort
Beyond Greenance
In combination with Beyond Greenance discs for high mileage vehicles
  • Low Dust Emissions
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Uncompromised Performance
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