20 August 2018


Resistance, light weight and innovation: the new co-cast discs represent the evolution of the Aftermarket two-piece brake discs.

After the Max, Xtra and floating discs, Brembo Aftermarket's offer for the Mercedes premium vehicles is further enriched by the new co-cast disc range. This new segment will go alongside with the outdated composite discs, bringing a wave of innovation thanks to the exclusive manufacturing process.
But how are the co-cast disc produced?
The first step is to make the steel hat that is produced from a pressing process. This element will have technical specifications according to the model on which the co-cast disc will be fitted. Then it will be placed in a special mould where the liquid cast iron at 1400°C (2552°F) will be poured. Thus becoming the disc's braking surface. It's not any cast iron, in fact this cast iron has a high-carbon content, which results in less weight for the disc and provides an improved performance while braking. This incandescent cast iron will solidify around the hat's toothed band, bringing Brembo's co-cast disc to life!
This process essentially provides 3 advantages, that we will now examine.
Thanks to the hat's special shape and to being melted together with the enriched cast iron, the co-cast discs can claim an exceptional thermo-mechanical resistance. The co-cast disc's thermal energy is completely dissipated during braking also thanks to the disc's ventilation system. Therefore the hat's mechanical structure isn't affected and an excellent braking is ensured.
Light weight
The co-cast disc weighs 15% less than the one-piece discs, that are its predecessors, having the same dimensions. Also in this case the hat is the key element that leads to this weight reduction and therefore also of the unsprung weight. This thanks to the material it's made of. This unsprung weight reduction of the vehicle assures an improved driveability and stability as well as more comfort for the driver. The weight reduction leads to an additional important advantage that this time is not for the driver but for the environment. In fact the weight reduction directly leads not only to a reduction of the vehicle's consumption but also of its emissions.
UV surface treatment
The co-cast discs, as also the other Brembo Aftermarket discs, are treated with Brembo's special UV painting process. This innovative treatment consists in applying the water based paint with an elaborate ultraviolet painting process. This technology assures an energy saving that almost reaches 98% compared to the standard painting processes. This treatment not only assures a clean and classical look to the disc but it also carries a number of advantages such as the exceptional resistance to corrosion, humidity and high temperature. The co-cast disc is the result of a serious and important commitment by Brembo to provide its clients with safe and resistant products. At the same time it assures exceptional braking performances that are equivalent to those of the original product.
If this isn't sufficient you only have to try them out!
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