Brembo online products. How to recognise authorised dealers

Before you buy a Brembo product, always check that it is compatible with your car.
In additional to conventional channels (distributors, spare parts dealers and garages), Brembo products are also widely available on-line.
But this raises the question: are they really original products or are their counterfeits? How can I be sure that I'm buying an original Brembo product?
Brembo official dealer logo
The “Brembo Official dealer” logo and images of products.
The “Brembo Official Dealer” logo is your guarantee that the dealer you're buying from is authorised by Brembo. For further confirmation that the site you're thinking of buying from is legitimate, check the images shown of the Brembo product and its technical details - these should generally match the images and details shown on the website (the official catalogue of Brembo products for the spare parts market).
What if there is no logo or the images are different?
Bear in mind that even if the images and technical specifications shown on the vendor website are not a perfect match with those on the website, this does not necessarily mean that the item is not an original Brembo product.

If the “Brembo Official Dealer” logo is not displayed on the vendor's website, this may raise doubts as to whether it really is part of the authorised Brembo network. But it does not necessarily mean that the Brembo products sold by the vendor are not original or are counterfeits. It may simply be a vendor that has purchased Brembo products from an authorised distributor but is not particularly concerned about ensuring a satisfactory and secure shopping experience for its users.

If you are still unsure about the vendor you are thinking of buying Brembo products from, or to report any suspicious activity or websites, please feel free to contact us here at any time!

Is there anything else you want to ask?

Contact the Brembo technical support team. Our technicians will get back to you as soon as possible!
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