New Brembo Aftermarket pads. The right solution for every driver's need!

Brembo is attending AAPEX Las Vegas to present its brand new Aftermarket pad strategy and extended range. Along with Prime and visually renewed Prime Ceramic, four new pad lines have been added to Brembo range and are ready to be discovered at Brembo booth A1255, level 2.

The brakes of the future: Brief history of cars

Brembo outlines the evolution of cars, from past to future, to understand the trends currently in fashion and their influence on the braking system.

The brakes of the future: The braking system of the future

Brembo analyses the main variables that will contribute towards shaping the brakes of the future, from reduced emissions and particulate matter to autonomous driving.

The brakes of the future: Braking system and spare parts

Brembo concludes its journey into the future of braking systems, by analysing the effects of current trends on the brakes and on the spare parts market in the years to come.

X Range: the best performance and safety

Brembo’s X Range includes the Xtra perforated discs and the Max slotted discs, as well as the Xtra brake pads, made with the BRM X L01 compound

Brake fluid: why it’s vital for your vehicle’s braking system

Brake fluid needs to be checked and replaced on a regular basis to avoid safety issues caused by the progressive deterioration of the braking system

Repair kits for brake calipers

The more than 300 Brembo repair kits for brake calipers are designed to repair brake caliper components which are subject to deterioration.

Composite brake rotors: a solution to reduce your vehicle’s weight and fuel consumption

Brake rotors in two parts are the ideal solution to reduce the overall weight of the braking system, with important repercussions on the vehicle’s performance too

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