I found two brake discs that seem exactly the same. How do I choose the right part number?

Before you buy a Brembo product, check that it's compatible with your car. Here's how to make the right choice between two very similar product part numbers.
The Brembo product search function returns two very similar product part numbers for your car (for the front axle, the rear axle or both).
You're probably looking at a part number for an disc without protective coating (which ends with “0” or “4”) and a part number for a UV coated disc (which ends with a two-digit number ending in “1”, e.g. “.21”, “.31”, “.41”). The latter discs are treated with a special Ultraviolet coating which offers uniform protection against corrosion caused by weather. If the looks of your car matter to you, we recommend choosing UV coated discs!

It's crucial that you choose the right product for your car for your braking system to work correctly. Please make sure that you choose the right part number.
Brembo brake disc

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