Standard or Xtra brake pads: which should you choose?

What are the differences between a standard brake pad and an Xtra one?
We interviewed Stefano Previtali, Group Product Manager of the Brembo Aftermarket Business Unit, about the main differences between a standard brake pad and Xtra, to assist users in choosing the right component for their braking system.
Stefano, Brembo Xtra brake pads have been developed to enhance the performance of Brembo Xtra drilled and Brembo Max slotted brake discs. What are the advantages compared to a standard brake pad?
An equivalent to the original pad is usually designed for a disc with a braking surface that hasn't been machined. Nevertheless, the tests guarantee a more than satisfactory behaviour also with the discs from the X Range, although the advantages derived from the drilling or the grooving of the disc are not enhanced.
Brembo Xtra brake pads instead, when used together with the Xtra and Max discs, ensure high performance, mixed with less noise and durability. In addition, the holes and slots are a determining factor for the pad itself and therefore for the whole braking system.
What percentage of improvement can be expected?
The performance improvement can't be quantified in absolute terms, as the variables involved are many (type of car, original braking system, driving style, etc.). We can instead talk about the concrete benefits that the user - even in the case of an inexperienced driver - can appreciate. These are a more prompt pedal, a significant driving comfort improvement and low wear for the type of product. A friction coefficient that remains constant even when the temperature changes prevents hot spots from forming on the braking surface and this would cause hot judder.
Are there other advantages when using the Xtra pads?
The tests on wear show a greater durability compared with the standard pads on discs such as the Brembo Max and the Brembo Xtra. This also means a dust reduction.
Can we assess the increase in durability compared to a standard pad?
Using the Xtra pads with the Max and Xtra discs assures 20% more duration compared to using standard pads on the same discs.
How has this latest improvement been achieved?
It's always thanks to the BRM X L01 compound! The material that has been used for the new Xtra pads comes straight from Brembo's know-how in the original equipment area and in the High Performance products that are needed for taming the greatest powers. It combines the characteristics that an excellent performance needs with the less noise that the top segment requires. 
Show Xtra pads and standard brake pads from Brembo

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