Xtra brake pads: things you may not know

Perhaps you’ve already heard about it but you might not know everything as yet.
For an example: did you know that Xtra brake pads can also be fitted with standard brake discs?
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The perfect couple: Xtra pads and Max discs
You may already know this, but why are the Xtra pads the ideal partner for Max and Xtra discs. Brembo Group Product Manager, Stefano Previtali, explains: “Xtra brake pads are made with the special compound, BRM X L01, which is designed to enhance the characteristics of the performance brake discs in the Xtra and Max Aftermarket range. In fact, they optimise their performance levels and pedal feel, as well as comfort levels and durability”.
Outstanding performance…
The friction coefficient of Xtra brake pads is stable in all conditions of use, for uniform distribution of temperature and pressure which prevents hot spots, from forming on the braking surface therefore preventing vibration. They also stand out for the perfect modulation of the pedal response, which offers total control of the braking action and unrivalled performance for driving satisfaction.

…without compromising on comfort and safety
The BRM X L01 compound has been proven to not only improve usage performance, but also to ensure maximum comfort levels, making it equally excellent in the most intensive uses. 
Additionally, maintaining constant performance levels during both high temperature cycles and subsequent cold cycles are the best guarantee of constant and secure braking performance.
Bedding-in is important!
Like all components of the braking system, it is crucial that the Brembo Xtra brake pads are bedded-in correctly. For the first 200/300 km, we recommend braking gradually, avoiding heavy and sudden braking as this could compromise the perfect alignment between the brake disc and the pad.
They can be fitted together with standard discs, providing an advantage compared to a standard pad.
Xtra brake pads can also be used with standard discs, with a standard braking surface (without holes or grooves). In this instance, it guarantees a higher friction coefficient than a standard compound while retaining outstanding comfort levels and mileage capacity in all driving conditions. As Stefano Previtali points out: “We should remember that Xtra brake pads are the result of Brembo’s experience with sports and high-end cars, for which comfort and superior performance are a must”.
They are not suitable for use on the track, not even occasionally.
Xtra brake pads and Max and Xtra discs have been developed and tested for performance use, but solely on the road. For use on the race track, Brembo offers products dedicated to this specific use in its High Performance range, which will satisfy the driver’s every expectation.
Show Xtra pads and Max and Xtra discs

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