23 April 2019

The new BremboStoreUSA.com goes live!

Website expands consumer availability to Brembo Aftermarket Original Equipment replacement parts.

Brembo, the world leader and acknowledged innovator of brake technology, is making it easier for consumers to purchase genuine Brembo OE equivalent replacement parts online with the launch of BremboStoreUSA.com.
With a rich database that guarantees the 95% coverage of the VIO, the new e-commerce website proposes all of the available products for each selected application: from rotors to brake pads and from the brake fluid to the B-QUIET lubricant.
Technical content and images have been remodeled to enhance the advantages of the products and provide the customer with an easy way to find exactly what they are looking for. To this end, the catalogue functionalities have been strengthened, so that in the pages with product details, besides specific technical information, there are also real images of the products as well as a wealth of information to support the choice of the user.
That's not all: navigation tooltips have been added to simplify browsing the catalogue, as well as the “wishlist” section, which allows users to save their products as "favorites" and to compare them.
The website has been designed with a pattern of responsive design, making the navigation experience simple even when accessed on a mobile device.
The multi-product layout features all the Brembo Aftermarket replacement parts:
Brembo brake pads
The Brembo range of brake pads ensures maximum performance when braking thanks to absolute control of all production stages. Through extensive research, development and testing, Brembo brake pads offer superior stopping power, quiet operation and low friction dust.
Low-Met brake pads
Characterized by the black backing plate, the Low-Met pads are new to the North American market and are constructed of 10-50 percent metal by weight creating a high-performance braking pad surface.
The range, approved in accordance with UN ECE R-90 regulation, guarantees the shortest road braking distance in all conditions thanks to its very high friction coefficient and consequently delivers top braking performance.
NAO brake pads
Identified by their red backing plate, Brembo NAO brake pads contain no metallic iron and less metals than “Low-Met”. The braking performance is engineered for excellent comfort, smooth and quiet drive, low dust emissions and extended mileage for everyday driving.
Brembo rotors
The control over the entire production cycle allows Brembo to offer a brake rotors range with excellent performance, reliability, durability, and comfort in all conditions. 
Brembo replacement brake rotors offer high corrosion resistance and respect for the environment through the use of water-based UV paint and an eco-friendly coating process. Moreover, the exclusive metal finish offers the rotors a brilliant and clean appearance that lasts.
Brembo Xtra rotors
The new Xtra line of rotors is for compact, medium, coupe and SUVs and part offerings to outfit over 38 million vehicles in operation. The range is characterized by special drillings which combines the appealing aesthetic effect with brilliant performance and effective braking in all conditions. Brembo Xtra rotors are characterized by holes in the braking surface that can provide significant improvement to the brake system performance. The sporty look of Brembo Xtra, enhanced by UV coating, is combined with the guarantee of maximum reliability in terms of durability, performance and safety.
Brembo rotors - Product range
Brembo rotors
B-QUIET lubricant
B-QUIET is a new Brembo lubricant specifically formulated to lubricate parts of the braking system that move or slide within the caliper and pad sub-system, on pins and bushings. Brembo B-QUIET lubricant effectively reduces brake system noise and protects the components from corrosion.
Brembo Premium brake fluid
Brembo brake fluids have a higher boiling point that exceeds the standard, thus offering superior resistance to the Vapour Lock and ensuring braking efficiency even at low temperatures. With high anti-corrosion properties and resistance to oxidation, Brembo brake fluid also allows for long-term unaltered chemical/physical characteristics of the fluid in operating circuit; therefore, preserving its integrity.
The Brembo Premium Brake Fluid range of products contains numerous solutions, to meet the needs of all vehicles: DOT4, DOT4 LV, DOT 5.1, LHM PSA.
Taking convenience one step further, Brembo offers a QR [Quick Response] code on its packaging. Do it yourselfers can directly access videos that describe fitting instructions for each application.
The complete line of premium Brembo genuine Original Equipment replacement parts can be viewed and ordered at www.BremboStoreUSA.com.
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