Instructions for adjustment of RCS and RCS corsacorta Master Cylinder

Master cylinder ratio adjustment
The lever terminal is rotated with respect to the lever body. The seat of the push rod is indicated.
1. Check the lever ratio value, verifying, with the master cylinder mounted on the vehicle, the colour of the top surface of the push rod (point 3).
Push rod colour​​​​​
Master cylinder type
18-20 16-18
Red 18 16 Lower ratio value
Black 20 18 Higher ratio value
WARNING! Replace the lever terminal (point 1) if it rotates in relation to the lever body (point 2).
 The rubber cap is removed and placed on the lever to expose the hole.
2. Remove by hand the rubber cap (point 4), on the lever (point 2) to uncover the hole (point 5).
The lever-handlebar distance adjustment knob is turned counterclockwise so as to make the distance adjustment groove visible inside the hole.
3. Rotate the lever-handlebar distance adjustment knob anti-clockwise (point 6) all the way to reveal the ration adjustment groove (point 5) inside the hole (point 7).

4. If remains of dirt or foreign material are present inside the hole (point 5), clean with a damp cloth.
WARNING! Do not use compressed air.
The flat-blade screwdriver must have a tip between a maximum of 3mm and a minimum of 12mm.
5. •    Use a flat-blade screwdriver (point 8) with tip (point 9) measuring 3mm MAX, 2 mm MIN; this measurement must be observed for a length of 12mm MIN.
WARNING! To avoid damaging the internal parts and compromising correct operation of the product, do not use a screwdriver different from the one specified.
The use of a screwdriver different from the one specified is considered installation contrary to the Manufacturer’s directions, in which case BREMBO will not be liable for any damage caused to and/or by any person using a vehicle on which the product has been installed.
The flat-blade screwdriver is inserted into the hole until it engages the groove.
6. Fit the flat-blade screwdriver (point 8) into the hole (point 5) until it engages the groove (punto 7).
WARNING! During adjustment with screwdriver, do not exert excessive force, either in rotation or under pressure, to avoid damaging the internal parts.
The color of the tip is checked.
7. Rotate the screwdriver by 180° until you hear the click indicating that the selection has been made; check that the colour of the push rod (point 3) corresponds to the desired ratio value. 
The rubber cap is placed on the lever and the knob is turned to adjust the lever-handlebar distance.
8. Reposition the rubber cap (point 4) on the lever and rotate the lever-handlebar distance adjustment knob (point 6) until the lever is positioned (point 2) at the desired distance from the handlebar. 
WARNING! Adjustment of the ration affects the lever travel in generating the pressure necessary to stop the vehicle. 
Idle stroke adjustment
Only for RCS corsacorta master cylinder.
The marking is necessary to distinguish the "RCS corsacorta" master cylinder.
CAUTION! The  “RCS corsacorta” master cylinder can be distinguished by the ”corsacorta” marking (point 10).
The knob adjusts the idle stroke and affects the lever-handlebar distance.
WARNING! Adjustment of the idle stroke to one of the three settings R-S-N via the knob  (point 11) affects the lever stroke in generating the pressure necessary to stop the vehicle.  
Functional test
WARNING! For all the adjustments described above, make sure that when the lever is engaged, it can rotate to generate the correct braking action; otherwise, operate the knob (point 6) to move the lever away.
Perform braking tests at low speed, verifying that braking is effective.
Warranty limitations
This warranty covers all the conformity defects occurring within two years from delivery of the good. The consumer is required to report to the seller the conformity defect within two months from the date of discovery of the said defect, without prejudice to the fact that the limitations period for taking action aimed at seeking redress for the defect is twenty-six months from delivery of the good. In the event of a conformity defect, the user has the right to repair or replacement of the good, or to an appropriate price reduction or termination of the contract, as established by art. 130 of the Consumer Code, where applicable.

This warranty constitutes the only warranty provided in relation to this product and replaces any other warranties, both verbal and written.

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