Brake discs

Serie Oro

Safety, performance and comfort for all types of motorcycles

Brembo Serie Oro brake discs are the best that the market has to offer, with a range of products boasting superlative technical content and quality. Available in both fixed and floating versions, these discs are fully interchangeable with original production discs.
The Serie Oro was the range with which Brembo entered the racing world in the mid-1970s, quickly becoming the industry benchmark for discs.

The vast experience of Brembo was used to define the most correct geometries, tolerances and dimensions for all motorbike types and use. Resulting from a specific study of machining tolerances, the special conformation of Brembo discs allows braking torque to be transmitted more effectively while offering better resistance to thermal and mechanical stress.
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Fixed discs
The Serie Oro fixed brake discs are made from a single piece of stainless steel, according to a design and construction line that complies with the strict tolerances imposed and with machining cycles that guarantee maximum flatness and concentricity.
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Floating disc
Made with premium materials, the floating discs deliver unparalleled performance. They consist of the stainless steel braking surface connected by means of 10 drive pawls to the hub made of CNC-machined and anodised aluminium alloy.
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